About Me

“Nothing comes to those who want, but won’t do.”

My Professional Journey

Born and raised in Nashville, I moved to New York City to pursue a career in entertainment public relations. Working with clients like Clive Davis, Sony Legacy Artists, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, Highline Ballroom, PBS and more, I secured placements in national and local media outlets inclusive of New York Times, USA Today, Metro New York, Essence, Ebony, and Timeout.

Aiming to expand my skill set, I transitioned to advertising and became a Strategist. In this role, I crafted fully immersive campaigns that extended from the digital space to physical activations, created brand guidelines that aided in audience identification and brand positioning, and identified various audience insights to influence creative communications. As a Strategist, I had the opportunity to work with clients like NBA, NFL, Google, DSW, Nike, AT&T, Amazon, State Farm, and Kaiser Permanente.

Now with over 6+ years experience in the media industry, brands have trusted me to build social media strategies, market new products, assist with brand alignment, increase publicity, and more .

Founding Mimconnect

While working in media, I found that I was often the only person of color in the room. Realizing that this wasn’t a problem I faced alone, I launched Minorities in Media Connect (Mimconnect) with my co-founder Bianca Jeanty.

Mimconnect is a career resource that creates economic opportunity for marginalized groups through the media industry and beyond.

For job seekers and those just looking to develop a diverse network, Mimconnect serves as a resource hub -- providing professionals with a peer-to-peer community where you can connect with others on a range of topics like (insert recent topics here). Additionally, each month we host digital and IRL events and produce content centered around career advice and media trends.

For companies, Mimconnect is a tech-enabled recruitment and retention tool. Employers pay a subscription fee to promote jobs on our platform, access our candidate directory, and more.


Outside of everything else I do, and to bring a little fun and flare to my life, I host bi-monthly event series that bring Afro-X women together under one room to discuss different topics and issues. Secret Black Girl Meeting creates a safe space to have genuine conversation and build real friendships among your peers. Sign up for the mailing list here.