For Black Girls Who Can't Braid: A Discussion On The Stereotypes Surrounding Black Women

Decades old stereotypes surrounding Black women have been informed by legal and social statuses beyond our control. These stereotypes have been further perpetuated by cultural factors like the music we listen to, the way the media portrays us, societal beauty standards, and more.

During the next Secret Black Girl Meeting, we'll discuss the history of these stereotypes, how women rappers like City Girls, Lizzo, Cardi B, and Megan Thee Stallion are empowering us to be our authentic selves (by any means necessary), how the media industry has played into these stereotypes, and how to address these issues surrounding self image head on.

Panelists include:

Artist Manager, Charlene Bryant

Founder and CEO of Nurturing Black Minds, Angelia Lomax

Entrepreneur, Educator and Author, Aerial Ellis

The event will be moderated by our founder, Netta Dobbins