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#L2LMixer: Content Creators Vs Influencers And The Business Behind It All

Since the beginning of 2018, there's been much debate between influencers and content creators on who should be getting money from brands. The pull and tug between influencers and content creators come with the shift in influencer marketing and where brands are deciding to put their marketing dollars. How will this affect your current efforts of trying the next well-paid influencer?

Free trips, perks, new ways to stunt on the 'gram and the possibility to quit your day job to live your life on your own terms has most Americans searching for ways to make this their new occupation. However, with social platform algorithms changing and digital marketing trends evolving, does your content and personal brand strategy ensure you are on the right track to get the brand partnerships you are looking for?

Hear from those who are managing the influencer marketing dollars and campaigns from some of your favorite brands as well as a microinfluencer on the business of content creation and influencer marketing. Discover the trends that are changing how brands spend their money and what steps you need to take to get the partnerships you are looking for.

Join this discussion moderated by Netta Dobbins, founder of Minorities in Media Connect (MiMConnect) and Social Strategist at Translation, and hear from marketing, talent and brand managers:

Lily Doxy, Marketing Manager at Verizon

Aurian Valcin, Senior Manager, Brand Partnerships at Cycle

Michael Cole, Senior Manager, Influencer Marketing and Public Relations at 360i

Cara Walker, Integrated Marketing Manager at ESSENCE

Shelcy Joesph, Co-Founder of NYCxClothes

Refreshments and wine will be served.

Sponsored by: Verizon

Media Partner: MiMConnect