Work Highlights

As a marketer I’ve had the opportunity to work with a variety of different brands and talent.
See below for my favorite projects and biggest wins.



In 2017 Chris Paul was traded to the Houston Rockets. This means he has to say goodbye to his good buddy Cliff Paul and make new stories with a local Houston agent. While working at Translation, I worked with a team of creatives and strategists to create a campaign that showed the value a State Farm agent can provide when you’re moving from one location to the next. To craft this compelling narrative and make it feel authentic to what a typical person witnesses when moving to a new city, we outlined every major moment during a new move and created opportunities for Chris Paul x State Farm to truly engage with their audience base.

Understanding that social strategy is more than content posted online, I lead ideation and creation of the following digital concepts:

Chris Paul eBay Sale - Like most people, Chris Paul had to get rid of a couple of things before moving to Houston. We organized an eBay sale where profits benefitted victims of Hurricane Harvey. This sale was promoted across Chris Paul and State Farm’s social channels — raising $2,370.61 for Chris Paul Family Foundation

State Farm Private Sessions Playlist - As an extension of our Grand Tour commercial, we created a Spotify Playlist that listed all of Chris Paul’s secret favorite songs — i.e. things you’d only listen and sing along to when you’re in a car by yourself. This playlist was promoted across Chris Paul and State Farm’s social channels — reaching 1.7M users. Listen to it here.


In an effort to bring Classic Leather back to the forefront of culture, Reebok called on Translation for a campaign that brought today’s major and micro influencers together in promotion of the shoe. While working on this account, I worked closely with editorial outlets like GQ, Teen Vogue, Vogue, Complex and more to identify influencers and craft promotional content aimed at increasing brand awareness of the Classic Leathers. Influencers included Dawn Richard, Fatima B., and more.

Additionally, I created the shot list and social strategy for rolling out social media content highlighting Reebok Classic’s latest ambassadors, Rae Sremmurd.

To amplify our efforts, Translation activated near the 2017 Governor’s Ball, creating a Reebok Truck that brought the brand to life. Inside the truck attendees were able to get their Reebok Classic Leathers cleaned and customized. Outside, attendees participated in a block party where they were able to connect with Reebok micro-influencers.

While on the ground, I organized and lead interviews with our micro-influencers allowing them to share their experience with Reebok Classic Leathers — from when they wore them as a child to how they’re wearing them now. These assets were used across Reebok’s social channels to amplify brand awareness and increase sales.